Ben Burke is a spiritual entrepreneur, business-accelerator, public speaker, and accountability coach.

Ben has worked with hundreds of individuals: entrepreneurs, business professionals, students,  as well as teams: startups, nonprofits, community organizations - in helping them with strategy, manifesting, achievement, personal development, and spiritual realization.

As a former client said, "Ben’s mentorship is a seamless blend of spiritual mastery, business savviness, and law of attraction."  He is formally trained in venture creation and business, armed with an MBA and with extensive experience as a director at a game-changing, business accelerator.  

As a recipient of Ben's accountability coaching, strategy sessions, or mentorship, you will, irrespective of your goals, have the opportunity to gain clarity on your path.  In addition, regardless of where you are in your own self-development, alternative perspectives useful for your consideration will be provided.  Most tactically, you will receive tools and resources to better achieve your desired outcomes.

Selected Testimonials


I can safely say that without Ben’s guidance, my success would have been impossible to attain. His training was perfect for when situations were bad and good alike. When jobs and client relationships were going well, he was sure to provide ample encouragement. If otherwise, a great deal of personal experience from his past served as an example to get me back on the right track. This leadership was exhibited before and after my time working with him.  - Mike.  Producer.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Ben was a great mentor and helped shape and develop the skills I needed to be successful. He was a remarkable teacher that gave me sales and leadership skills that I use in my career today.  - Michael.  Partner.  Los Angeles, California.

Ben never failed when it came to his duties as a mentor. He is very reliable and is always available if I need any help. Ben's skillset will never be limited because of his motivation and dedication to make everyone better.  Ben was an excellent mentor, and I hope everyone gets the chance to see him in action. I am pleased to write that Ben Burke has changed my life for the better, and I couldn't thank him enough for that.  - Mitch.  Entrepreneur.  Kansas City, Kansas.

Ben can seriously manifest realities.  It’s a discipline that he just intuitively gets, and teaches it with the same ease.  - Matt. Entrepreneur. Los Angeles, California.

Ben’s mentorship is a seamless blend of spiritual mastery, business savviness, and law of attraction...some of my calls with him were just un-fucking-believable.  I’ve never met anyone like him.  - Rachel.  Entrepreneur.  London, England.

In a field of people who are full of shit, Ben stands out as someone who is credible and actually can play in both the spiritual and business worlds with equal passion and understanding.  It is fun to work with Ben if you are all-in on what you are doing…or even if you need a kick in the ass to make the leap of faith.  If the latter is you, just as an FYI, Ben will remove the “faith” and replace it with “knowing.”   - Evan.  Entrepreneur.  Boston, Massachusetts.

Ben guided me through to accomplish a goal that I never actually thought was possible. His leadership allowed me to become a more confident and better leader, manager, salesman, and person in general.  - Jim.  Vice President.  St. Louis, Missouri.