How To Be Productive Despite Overwhelm

The perspective that being overwhelmed is clouded in confusion, but there is a very simple way to gain clarity.

When someone is feeling overwhelmed, this is their bodies communicating to them that something is out of alignment. The problem is when we do not listen to this communication and try to use our "will power" to grind through. Productivity is not decreased because of overwhelm, your resistance to overwhelm makes you ineffective and inefficient.

Idea #1 - Being dynamic means being able to adapt and the ability to adapt defines the ability to be productive.

When you feel overwhelmed, it is a direct signal to offer to yourself a mental / emotional / physical reset. Overwhelm is too many inputs that are out of alignment to your core desires (love, joy, expression) and not enough outputs of release (creative energy, sexual energy, fulfillment, etc.). A reset can take one minute or one hour or one day or one year. The length of time that it takes for you to find your center is dependent upon your beliefs that you hold about your self and how much resistance you will continue to choose to have in your resetting process. The more you allow yourself to relax your bodies, the less time that it will take to reset your energy into harmony with your self.

Idea #2 - Decrease destructive inputs.

What are the things that you do that you don't like to do? Make the list. Make it big. Look at your self honestly and answer the question directly, not indirectly. Don't tell yourself that you like to do something because of the indirect consequence of doing it in this exercise, look at the actual activity. Once you have the big list of things that you don't like to do, ask yourself, "What can I eliminate and / or what can I replace?" Then practically adjust your routines and agendas to removed those things and / or replace them with a more desirable activity. This can and many times includes the people that we hang out with. I had a client that was struggling with some addictions. After recognizing that nearly all of the people that he was associating with had many of the same addictions, he realized that if he actually cared about breaking the addictions, hanging around these people would not be in his best interests...or rather, he was just making it harder on himself by doing so. Committing to this change mean quitting his job and doing a reset on the direction of his life. This detox from people meant he would basically turn himself into a digital nomad and earn his income through storytelling online. He's a year into this journey of removing the destructive inputs and now has a successful following on several platforms where he helps people break their own addictions. He's completely independent and travels around North America very freely.

Idea #3 - Increase supportive activities.

See the activity as the output itself, not as the production of a thing that gives you something in the future. What do you like to do for the sake of doing it? Much of this has to do with your creative and sexual energy. These are your expressions of your self into the world. If you are experiencing overwhelm, there is likely something going on where you do not perceive yourself to be contributing in some meaningful way to your self. Make a big list of things that you love to do. Look back at your 8 - 13 year old self and see what that person loved to do...there is likely something to learn there. Once you have the list, pick out a few exciting things to just go do and be present with, bringing nothing else into the equation, just you and the joy of that activity. On a metaphysical level, this type of presence activates your energy centers associated with your sacral and throat. Some of the most revered people in business history expressed through their sexual center and their creative (throat) center daily and were non-negotiable in these practices. This process will also assist you in removing unnecessary labels that you place on yourself. "I am a tech entrepreneur, so I do not paint." "I am a corporate sales leader, so I do not do improv." These are all limiting boxes that we place ourselves in. Going directly to what we enjoy explodes out awareness out of these artificial boxes.

Idea #4 - Do the simple things for your body well.

All of our bodies are connected - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When we positively impact one, we positively impact all of them. If you are experiencing overwhelm, simply focusing on the physical for a period of time is awesome. Breathing. Yoga / stretching. Increase water. This seem simple and you ego will tell you - NO! It can't be that easy. This is a complicated problem that needs a complicated solution. You will then sabotage yourself by looking for things that have nothing to do with your physical bodies ailments, wasting time and energy. Just focusing on these three things for three days will immediately reduce overwhelm even if you do nothing else.

Free Tool - Daily Checklist for Increased Energy

Don't be overwhelmed by the overwhelm. It's a natural signal from your bodies with a request for simple changes, which you can made very easily. Bring acceptance into the equation and start with improving just one thing, then another, then another. Let it build.

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The Most Effective Recruitment Strategy - Eliminate the Recruiting Department

Whether you are a founder of a high growth startup, an HR pro for a large company, or a small business owner looking to slowly expand your team, there are some fundamentals to comprehend for recruiting and sustainable teams with low turnover.

Viewing recruitment as an activity that happens outside of the operations of the business is duplicative and wasteful. Each business' best recruiters are the people that love their jobs. Each person must fundamentally connect to why they are doing their work as see it as something that is providing them fulfillment towards their own self-discovery and self-expression. Imagine if it were impossible to have a recruiting department, yet you still needed to attract and retain employees for your business to grow. How would you do it? Use this idea of constraint and see that there are an abundance of opportunities to organize incentives towards these goals.

Idea #1 - Turn everyone on your team into the recruitment department.

You own the business or you have the authority to institute something that is really different. How could you get everyone on your team to recruit for you? Align incentives.

The goal of recruiting should be to eliminate the need for itself. You want to have people wanting to work for you, and therefore you need to have people that REALLY enjoy working for you. That is number one - if people that work for you now are so excited about the organization, about you, and about the growth, they will want to participate in that process in some way. How they participate can be up to them, but you much provide to them the must invite them into the process.

Idea #2 - Advancement opportunities need to be real and comprehensive.

The old paradigm of “I need to get mine or someone else will” is still with us, although it is evaporating. Your team wants nothing more than to be in an abundant environment where there is no THREAT of someone else taking their job This means there needs to be advancement opportunities in the organization in multiple dimensions. Advancements in position, title, compensation, responsibility, variability, schedules, autonomy, professional / personal development, relationships...everything is an opportunity to provide growth to your team.

Your team needs to see the opportunities and begin to experience them immediately when they begin working with you. If a month or two goes by and there is not some type of expansion that is in alignment with what the individual person wants in their life, then there will be the sprouting of stagnancy.

Of course, not everyone wants to change their job every quarter, but variability in experience can be a huge benefit that you provide. Think about all of the things that go into a day, a week, a month, a project, etc. for each of your positions and determine how you can break these things down into ways that you can offer incentives to your employees for doing things - such as recruiting new employees.

Idea #3 - Express the culture privately and publicly.

Remember, the goal of recruiting is not to hire people for short term company benefit. The goal is to find individuals that align with all of the dimensions that the company represents, most precisely the culture, which includes the vision, the communication style, the work environment, the meeting schedules, the collaborative atmosphere (or not).

Depending on the type of business that you are requiring roles filled within, there IS a content marketing strategy for you. Your content marketing strategy with respect to recruitment should add value to the people's lives that you are reaching. It should be authentically from the voice of your culture so that you are attracting in the best fits. Individuals that can best represent that culture are found within your team, and therefore are the first place to go for content creation. Content creation is the name of the game. People join an organization for many reasons but stay for ONLY one - culture. If you are recruiting with culture, you are recruiting with the thing that keeps people around.

Idea #4 - Meet with potential new candidates 100% of the time.

If you wait until you have an "open position" to "start the recruitment process," you are living in the old world. This is inefficient and ineffective in finding the best fit and most talented people. Instead, think about recruiting all of the time. Have a few open blocks of time each week - either yourself or someone else on the team - to meet with potential candidates for FUTURE positions. Just open your doors. Bring people in and get on their radar. That way, when you have an opening, you will already have a pool of people that are wanting to work for you. You'll also have the experience of meeting so many more people when you are not in the mindset of needing to make a decision immediately and "evaluating them." These more casual meeting are more representative of the interaction that you will have on a daily basis. The "interview" is going away.

Free Tool - Idea Matrix for Referral Compensation

Think holistically about your business, not as departments, but as people all aligned with the vision, and with their own vision of themselves. In doing this, you empower yourself to get people in the right places with the right incentives to keep candidates rolling in. This download is a matrix of permutations on referral compensation to incentivize your team to expand your talent pool so that you never have to “recruit” again.

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How to Shift Into a Parallel Reality

We are shifting into new realities each and every moment of our existence. Recognizing this bring you more power to live the life that you desire.

The problem is that we have a perspective that one moment of our lives has an effect on another moment of our lives, and this connection is inseparable. Instead, think about your life as a movie. Each frame of the film strip represents a moment in your life. One moment only relates to another moment in that the film strip is moving so quickly that you do not see the breaks. This perspective brings you into a place where you believe that you do not have free will to make choices in one moment because you are being held prisoner to the choices that were made in previous moments. The solution is presence - the practical application of presence - and seeing the film strip slow down. This allows for the opportunity to cut the strip and insert another, more ideal, direction for the story to go.

Idea #1 - Remove judgement and retain preference.

When we talk about shifting into a parallel reality, we are talking about making perceivably big shifts. We are placing a judgement upon our choices, stating that the decision to eat an apple for lunch instead of a cheeseburger is somehow a SMALLER, LESS SIGNIFICANT decision than the decision to quit your job and start your own business. The first key to making seemingly big changes in your life (stepping into a parallel reality) is to recognize that these judgements that you have are arbitrary and just add more cloudiness to the process. When you see everything as equal, you become more in harmony with your experience. When you then more easily inject your preferences into that experience, there is far less resistance that is experienced. This is the idea = accept where you are right now - get present - and allow yourself to desire a more preferred experience.

Idea #2 - See the open door.

Shifting into a seemingly totally different world happens by walking through one door at a time. You have the long term vision, but you walk through he experience one door at a time. If you are stuck on not seeing the ultimate vision come together, you will miss the open door or be too judgmental of it.

Idea #3 - Become and remain fearlessly unattached.

This is slightly different that removing judgement. This is about consciously being not attached to the way that things look in the frame that you are experiencing, not because you are afraid to see where you are, but instead because you KNOW where you are is a reflection of where you are, that's it. What you see in your experience does not define you; you provide the definition to what you experience through your perspective. I had a client that was running a ~$10 million consumer packaging business with a very lean staff. He was having a ton of family input on his life, personally, and this was negatively affecting his energy levels and his clarity of vision with his team and business. Over a three year period, the revenues dropped by nearly 40%, which basically eliminated all margins on the business, as the infrastructure was set up for growth. This financial situation was an incredible stress for his personal life. He was perceiving that his family health issues, lack of an intimate relationship and lack of personal profit as something that was holding him back in his business. Because of this attachment to this belief, this was the reality that he was experiencing. By simply changing the perspective to one that was more in alignment with what he desired, he became more unattached to this narrative. He was able to perceive that his family was not trying to bring him down, but instead was attempting to give him love. He was able to perceive that his independence of through absent a spousal relationship was EXACTLY was he needed to more fully find the routines that worked for him. He was able to perceive that the depletion of his savings was not a sign of his professional demise, but instead one of hitting a reset button on his priorities, and something that was representative of the fantastic new direction that the company could go now that there was "nothing to lose."

Idea #4 - Do the thing that you would do in that reality.

This client then took the next step - taking action. He began to pivot his target marketing efforts and consolidate his operations (reducing SKUs by 80%). This was a completely different reality for the business. They went from broad and wide to niche and focus, a total change in strategy that literally happened in three days. He hired a few contractors to re-do the website and marketing material and wrote out a few pieces of communication to vendors and wholesalers / retailers stating his intention. He gained team consensus with ONE MEETING - he shared his perspective as the captain of the ship and charter the course. This epic 90 minute meeting energized the small team. He stepped into the role of CEO of a completely new company (new name, new customer, new focus). In six months after some of these operational changes (which were representative of the internal un-attachment to negative definitions), the business increased its market share in the two niche areas that were chosen by ~15% and profits increased by ~20% as revenue maintained.

Free Tool - The Four Step Process For Shifting Into A Parallel Reality

You CAN make a seemingly huge shift in your life and the perceived trajectory of your path. The idea is not to bend the path (that is impossible), but rather to simply realize that your path is the one that your perceive yourself to be on, thus giving you the experience of a shift. This free download contains questions that one could contemplate in their inner journey towards removing the conceptualization of a “future, ideal self” into the present moment where the reality can be made “real.” This is a self-reflection for those that are really interested in making seemingly big changes in their life almost instantaneously.

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Date Night Done Right: Harnessing the Power of the Masculine

We are very comfortable pouring our creative energy into our work, but there is an opportunity for expansion in focusing that into our relationship with the feminine.

We have a tendency to see the date night as 1) a stand-alone experience that is separated from the rest of the relationship and that 2) is something that derives its power from the physical experience. This is a problem because it separates things in the relationship and attracts in the idea of playing inauthentic roles to each other. It also gives the power away to the experience and is not dynamic nor sustainable (if it is only about WHAT you do on a date night, things will get stale fast, and you will both be looking for your fulfillment externally). By seeing this as an internal process of authenticity and connection, the date night experience fits into the ideal relationship more ease-fully.

Idea #1 - Understand that this is a representation not just of you, as the masculine, and your partner, as the feminine. This is simply a holographic representation of you and you, playing both roles within yourself.

Quite honestly, if your partner is desiring more spontaneity, intimacy, romance, appreciation, etc. then it is likely that you are not giving those things to yourself. As inverted as this may seem, this is metaphysically how it works. So, to sustainable love your partner the way that he or she wants to be loved, you need to WANT to love yourself that way. If you don't, then your expressions will be inauthentic, ungrounded, not sustainable, and not really heart-connected...therefore not what is being requested. If you can be honest with yourself - "Am I loving myself as much as I can and in the way that I desire?" then take action upon that, you will have the inertia supporting you in creating a more supportive relationship with your partner.

Idea #2 - Date nights don't start at 5:00 PM when you get off work.

They don't start when you get in the car to "go out." They start with the conversation that seeds the date night. They progress through the flirtation (sexual or nonsexual), through the exciting planning, through the imagining of the experience, and most importantly through the presence that you are demonstrating to your partner each and every moment leading up to the date night. The engine needs to be warmed up. There is not imaginary switch that gets flipped to allow for a sense of "relief" in the drag of the daily and weekly routine.

Idea #3 - Date nights don't end the next morning.

The power of the masculine is to constantly be creating and expanding. If you see a date night as a singular event that is like a business meeting, with an agenda and an agreed-upon list of action items - a to do list - then you are going to bring that mentality into the experience. That is likely not what your partner wants and not want you actually want, either. A date night can be catalyst for increased sustainable intimacy, a sharing of who you are and where you want to go together. This only happens when you open your heart of the feminine part of you and see / love it.

Idea #4 - Don't try to be something that you are not.

By doing this, you are projecting an experience into your relationship. This is not an acting job (unless that is what you and your partner decide upon), this is likely more of an authentic combination of a reset and an expansion. It is about getting EVEN CLEARER on the identity that each of you project upon yourself and EVEN MORE PASSIONATE about the direction of your life together. The masculine can be hyper aware of this AND present with the feminine at the same time, processing the feminine's intuition into alignment. This is a dance where both parts are equal and where both parts see each other as masters in their craft.

Free Tool - 99 Date Night Ideas

Removing ALL of the distractions and getting so close, so intimate, so vulnerable and SO present with your significant other is what you want AND what he/she wants. When you stare into the eyes of someone that you love and see the love that they have for you, you open a portal to unlimited co-creative energy. This free download is a list of 99 date night / day ideas for more authentically connecting with your partner. They are listed alphabetically and are sortable by what can be done in-home and out-of-home. :)

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How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Personal expansion requires continuing to advance yourself in a meaningful way each and every day. It is within personal expansion that learning happens and wisdom is gained. Wisdom (love in action) is what allows leaders to authentically share and assist others in their journeys.

Complacency is many times confused for flow or ease. These are not the same things. A bit of friction in your life - challenging your beliefs, being flexible with your schedule and being ruthless in your priorities - brings about greater fulfillment in you and your team

Idea #1 - Challenge your beliefs

If we are feeling afraid to look at a belief, that is a signal that we have chosen to be locked into something that may not be serving us any longer. This feeling of fear - or apprehension, or disinterest, or disbelief - are all communications from your ego-self that there is something hidden out of your sight beyond the belief that you are choosing to hold. The ego understands this, and understands that when you transcend this belief, you are transcending part of your attachment to the ego.

Idea #2 - Be flexible in your schedule.

I had a client that was an editor. He was too rigid in his schedule and processes and did not allow for change. This person was managing a digital media company's operations, including nearly all editing. He was always challenging his beliefs and therefore constantly recognizing new opportunities. He would then apply rigid timelines for completion of projects but was not balanced in the feasibility of these things getting done well. As a result, there were a ton of projects that were started that were never seen through to completion, and the work that was produced was subpar. It was only when he allowed himself to be free from the military-style execution blanketed on all projects that he was able to produce content and events that really aligned with what his audience wanted, and was done in a way that was personally sustainable for him. This was actually way out of his comfort zone because he was taught to just go go go, produce produce produce. Slowing down and re-adjusting scheduling plans was way out of his comfort zone. What other's labeled as "work ethic" he interpreted as working relentlessly, and that is what got him to the plateau he was on. He was complacent in his relentless work so much that he did not advance until that was released...he simply loosened up. Subscriber rates and revenues shot up in just a few months of making scheduling and process changes.

Idea #3 - Be ruthless in your priorities.

It is about prioritizing your priorities, not about NEVER changing your priorities. Priorities change because we change. We have both long and short term priorities, and it can be really comfortable to stay within the priorities that we’ve set for ourselves even we are no longer emotionally attached to them. If can certainly feel uncomfortable to tell yourself that something is no longer important to you, primarily because that thing WAS really important to you, and letting it go can feel like you are letting go of a part of your self. Being ruthless - in the now moment - about what is actually important to you is a great step outside of your comfort zone, and will open up other opportunities in your life.

Idea #4 - Show your human-ness to others.

We have been programmed to think that being really human is something that we must do only with ourselves or with our closest friends, and that putting up walls in between ourselves and other is the normal, rational thing to do. It is not, and it is contributing to this complacency that many of us feel when we engage in these mainstream routines. Showing up and telling someone how you really feel without any attachment to what they think is a step towards your freedom of the bondage of living within your perception of other people’s heads.

Free Tool - Priorities - Simple Spreadsheet

You realize the benefit of pushing your own boundaries - steeping outside of your comfort (complacent) zone. This download is a very simple spreadsheet to focus your attention and intention on what is most important to you. Checking in as much as possible - monthly, weekly, daily - to your core important goals and desires through your priorities aligns what you are doing to what you want more effectively.

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What a Spiritual Awakening Really Looks Like?

More of you coming into your awareness = stuff gets pushed up to the surface to be looked at, integrated, and the resistance released.

The cause of resistance for many people’s experience with going through a spiritual awakening is either 1) lack of awareness that it is happening or 2) lack of acceptance to what it looks like (i.e. expectations).

Idea #1: There is not one experience that is "more spiritual" than another experience.

The perception that the "spiritual" is something that is "out there" is very confusing. Yes, there are elements of the spiritual self that are invisible to the eye - this is the nonphysical. This is where ideas are tangible, where you, as an idea, exist. We have the tendency to believe that something that cannot be seen is not "here." If it is not "here" then it is somewhere "out there." This is logical, although it is flawed logic based on the premise that only that which can be observed is real. The idea of the spiritual is that of spirit, or that which transcends matter. It is not to say that it is NOT matter, but simply the idea that moves through matter. Your spiritual self is intertwined with your physical self, and truly they are inseparable from this perspective. Everything in our lives is a spiritual experience. There is not one experience that is "more spiritual" than another experience. All experience is absent of this arbitrary allocation of "more or less spiritual." When we have a "more transcendent" experience, we are simply choosing to be more aware of what is there all of the time.

Idea #2: This lack of awareness of our being the one who has authored the story AND the character within it is where we experience the idea of separation.

Just as no ones experience is more or less spiritual, there is no such thing as a person that is more or less on their spiritual path. It is true that there are those that are more or less AWARE of the path, but that relative measurement of awareness does not dictate someone's own path. An incarnation into this body means you are on your own spiritual path. This lack of awareness, however, bring about the opportunity for confusion. If you are experiencing trauma and drama and have NO IDEA why it is happening, that is to say you do not recall the intention for your bringing about the trauma and drama into your experience, then you WILL be confused on some level. You may chalk up experiences to simple "trusting" that it is in your best interests, which is important, but you will not connect back to the part of you that intended it. The awareness of your self on the journey (the character) and the the one that designed it (the author) is the idea of reclaiming your power. Knowledge IS power, and applied knowledge is skilled penmanship.

Idea #3: We are ALWAYS on the spiritual journey.

Many are aware of this idea that they are on a spiritual journey all of the time. They are aware of their non-physical selves, of the soul, of the choice to incarnate and even the mission of it. Where is the challenge? Expectations. I had a client begin to work with me that was SO awake and SO aware of SO MUCH that is going on in the non-physical realms that he spend a considerable amount of energy continuing to feed this curiosity. He found himself in a state of judging himself for contributing to a societal machine - as he view it - that are producing non-optimal outcomes. He struggled to apply this wisdom to his career in marketing and advertising and ultimately chose a reset. He realized that he had a vast amount of expectations for himself about what it meant to be awake, and in doing so, was not seeing through the illusion of the physical, and therefore was stuck in not fulfilling his physical needs. The reset involved moving 2,000 miles across the country for a new job and a completely new circle of friends. He's just as much on the spiritual path as he was before, just as aware of it, but now has far fewer expectations for how it looks. He's back into designing customer experiences - a first love in retail after college - where he is applying his compassion for people's choices in a very direct way.

Idea #4: The spiritual path leads to you.

So, what is the path anyway? If we are all on it, where does it lead? The path is the path to your self. It is the perpetual asking and answering of the question, "Who am I?" The expectation-less awareness that this is what is happening in each and every interaction in your life is the idea of enlightenment. Enlightenment is an artificial, undefinable threshold between the attached and unaware and the aware and detached. It is NO BETTER AND NO WORSE than any other form of expression. However, it is one that once experienced - even momentarily - has profound affects on your perspective in your life. What a spiritual awakening looks like from this perspective is MUCH DIFFERENT that what it looks like from an "unenlightened" perspective. As the words describe, one perspective is illuminated, and therefore you just see more.

Free Download: The Ultimate Spiritual Bodily Checklist for Better Health

There are a multitude of ways in how the experience of life can be categorized in terms of “bodies.” Here, I am using the simple four-body system in this very helpful checklist for actionable things to focus upon to raise your vibration and master your desires.

The 15 Minute Habit That Will Make Your Team Love You

The love that one shows for another shatters the ill-feelings that you have about your self and eliminates the negativity that your team has about you, and by extension, their work. It more firmly sets the foundation of trust and respect, creating an atmosphere where people go above and beyond expectations.

Getting the most out of your team is as simple as showing them how much you care about them beyond the results that they produce. Contributing to this meaningfully for your organization - no matter the size - can be done with one daily fifteen minute exercise of utilizing empathy and demonstrating compassion.

Idea #1 = Compassion requires empathy towards another.

Being seen through the lens of love and care is ultimately what each and every person is wanting in some way.

Idea #2 = You can be a vehicle for that compassion.

You can do this by 1) actually having it within you and 2) demonstrating it in a tangible way on a regular basis. This consistency brings one out of the honeymoon phase as gets people to trust you and for you to trust yourself.

Idea #3 = Dedicate five minutes to putting yourself in experience of the person that you'd like to have compassion for.

This is the introspection. This involves you bringing into your awareness all that you understand to be true for this person on your team or in your life. To get actual information, this may involve you actually getting to know the person and taking small opportunities to ask a question to learn more about their personal lives. What is their financial situation? What is their relationship with their family? What do they desire to do beyond the work that they are doing in the organization right now? Where do they want to go? What life do they want to create? Then, how can you assist in aligning these things with them such that they are seen for where they are but are having a co-creator in what they would like to experience? DO NOT PROJECT!

Idea #4 = Dedicate 10 minutes to bringing that compassion out.

Bring your compassion out in both public and private ways. For some, it's an ego trip to sit in a meeting and praise the teams and individuals. This is fruitless without the heart-felt one-on-one connection that more fully demonstrates that you do care beyond the check box of team meeting appreciation as an agenda item. For others, such as a client that was heading a creative department in an ad agency, it was the public setting that was missing.

He was completely present with his team during one on one interactions, but would not extend that love into broader communications and did not advance past those individual conversations. This resulted in a lack of trust from many people on the team who saw him as two-faced - saying one thing in person but not demonstrating it with others, even thought that was not his intention. He would tell them how aligned they were on their path and how he would help them get further in their career...and he really meant it. However, he then did not prioritize it in his own work, and relationships did not really move forward with the team. As a result, culture was bitter towards management at the agency and turnover was high. People were seeking that follow through and wanting to actually see advancement in their own lives, as promised.

Free Tool - Compassion Tracker

With this simple daily exercise, you can make an incredible impact in your business - and your life. Make it a point each and every day to 1) see someone without judgement for where they are and 2) follow through with one actionable thing towards the personal / professional goals of the individual. This download is a daily tracker of this activity to hold yourself accountable and a reference document for ease in remembrance of themes.

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4 Myths About Manifesting and 4 Ways to Get it Straight

Manifesting is something that we are doing all of the time. It is not a separate activity from the "other things" that we are doing in our lives. We are conscious creators and all of our physical actions, our emotional energy expenditures, our mental processes as well as our spiritual perspectives are the tools that we have for our manifestation.

There are a multitude of misconceptions about the process of intentional manifesting. These lead individuals towards being ungrounded in their priorities. Seeing the process of manifestation as a whole body experience - without judgement for any parts of the process - integrates the manifestation and brings it about with greater ease.

Myth #1 = Manifesting is a separate activity.

Reality = We are never not manifesting.

Manifesting is creating. Creation is the choice in the thoughts that we think, the emotions that we feel, and the actions that we take. That’s it. It is only in deep meditative state where you are basically not thinking, not feeling and not doing, anything (becoming one with the experience). However, even in this moment, you are manifesting in the sense that you are interacting THROUGH your bodily capacities. Therefore, we, truly, are never not manifesting. Every moment of your day is a moment to create what you desire.

Myth #2 = Life happens to you.

Reality = Life happens through you, through your perspective.

Leena, a client, was experiencing chronic discomfort in all aspects of her life (this is how she described it). She is someone that I have worked with, yet continues to choose the perspective that all of the things that she does not prefer within her life are the results of things that are out of her control. Illness, lack of funding for her business, being crunched for time to do the things that she perceives she needs to do.

She owns a business in the alternative energy space that has remained stagnant (her words) for several years. The stagnancy is representative for her the stagnancy of her own limiting beliefs about herself as a victim of the world around her. She is being called by her self to a perspective that owns all that she has created, no matter that she labels it a failure or a success. She remains stuck in her perspective and sees herself as on a perpetual loop of seeking something that is in the future because the present is not ideal.

The moment that she begins to love her self will be the moment it shifts!

Myth #3 = Attraction is the law.

Reality = Coherence is more accurate.

The idea of attracting to you some thing that is outside of you is a perfect perspective to have - there is nothing wrong with it. What resonates more with my truth is the idea of coherence. All language are attempts at conceptualizing what is basically not able to be fully conceptualized, but we can try! I resonate with the idea of the law of coherence because it feels more in alignment with my experience of shifting in and out of difference perspective of the same, one experience, whether I perceive myself to be consciously desiring it or not.

Myth #4 = Manifesting is a solo activity.

Reality = All that is within your awareness is supporting your intentions.

The fundamental nature of the reality within which a portion of our awareness operates abides by certain rules…the fabric of the experience. One of the most fundamental ideas to integrate in the process of mastering life is that everything in your experience is a reflection, and therefore foundationally and unconditionally supportive of you intentions.

Free Tool - See it. Feel it. Be it. Manifestation Worksheet.

The embodiment of the things, the experiences, and the feelings that you are manifesting happens in the present moment, not in the future nor the past. This download is a simple worksheet to assist you to stop seeing creating as something "extra" that you do, and start seeing that all that you do and all that is within your awareness is part of the creation / manifestation process. This is a very effective tool.

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How to Gladly Wake Up before 5:00 AM

Allowing your body to rise according to it's more natural cycles has come to mean allowing it to sleep longer. This is only half of the equation. Waking up early in the morning can increase your energy throughout the entire day, and there are a few easy tips to make that happen.

Many people see sleep as the only thing that gives our body the energy that it needs throughout the day. This is not the case. Meditation and mindfullness are tools that can effectively increase energy, and the morning routine is the foundation to each day's energy-increasing efforts.

Idea #1 - You need to be EXCITED to wake up early.

Like, actually excited about the activity, not about the output of the activity. If you are attempting - or even succeeding - in waking up early through will power despite your body's craving for more sleep, you are depleting your energy. Remember that your energy is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, not just physical. All are interconnected. Having authentic excitement for the next morning's routine each night as you fall asleep is paramount for purposefully doing what you are doing, which is to enjoy life and have an abundance of energy to do so.

Idea #2 - Getting excited about a morning routine is easy if you allow it to be.

Think about yourself as a child and wanting to get up early to play, play, play. The nights before a daddy/daughter adventure day, my daughter is ecstatic to go to bed. She wants to wake up so she wants to fall asleep. When she wakes up, she's filled with life and energy. She might have only gotten 7 hours of sleep (not traditionally enough for a four year old), but will have more energy that day than any other day...and in the evening will be so excited for sleep once again. Think about your morning routine like a four year old. What do you want to do? Can you get so excited about an extended self care routine? An extra five minutes in the shower? Making smoothies and juices for the day? Sitting outside and meditating to the sunrise? Reviewing your lists of things to do that day and seeing them come together? Or perhaps just waking up and laying in bed an extra five minutes to allow your body to adjust to the day?

Idea #3 - Meditation = energy and insight pouring into you.

Meditation in the morning is more important to me than brushing my teeth. I have a client that about two years ago made ONE simple change in his life - adding a morning meditation. He was a program coordinator for a tech company at the time. He's now managing millions of dollars in alternative investments for wealthy individuals. When we trace back all of the decisions and the synchronicities that occurred from two year's ago until today, we see that it all started with morning meditation as the catalyst. His mind was right in the mornings, 7 days a week. He saw the opportunities and connected the dots that others were unaware of. He was zoomed out and locked in at the same time. He saw blockchain at it's right peak and jumped in. He saw how diet affected his clarity and made changes. He prioritized travel and his sexual relationship and saw more energy come forth. This all started with the beginning of the day...setting the mind in its place of observer, not driver of all activity.

Idea #4 - Gladly waking up early means preparing for it the night before.

Is your house in order when you fall asleep? Are these unfinished tasks all around your home? Are there unanswered emails that your FEEL LIKE you need to get to before you go to sleep? If the answer is yes, then you either need to change your perspective on what needs to be done or suck it up and get it done before you go to sleep. If you go into your evening routine and eventually your sleep with anything other that 1) gratitude for your day and 2) excitement for tomorrow, then you will not be able to find consistent emotional and spiritual sleep...where ALL of your bodies can rest. An extra 20 minutes each night to tidy the home, do the dishes, put away the laundry, sweep the floors, etc. makes a world of different in the energy of your home as you sleep, which sets you up for the next day. Getting projects completed sometimes means working into the night. That's fine, but ENJOY IT. Make hot chocolate, get cozy, take ten minutes to set the stage for a fun late night work session. That will bring your energy back into joy as you jump into sleep, and again, make it FUN to wake up early and love yourself.

Free Tool - Sample Morning Routine

Changing the perspective that sleep is the only way you receive energy. You are constantly receiving energy if you allow yourself. This sample routine may spark some changes in how you view your mornings.

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Why and How To Actually Be Present With Your Loved Ones

Becoming present with family / friends happens when someone either comprehends the magnitude of the importance of this relative to their life from a macro view and / or experiences sustained joy and pleasure in their life from applying presence to their relationships with their loved ones.

The problem is that work life can be the overwhelming perspective. The achievement of things - the outputs of the processes - can be the focus, and when this is so strongly brought into your awareness, simply being simple becomes more foreign. The solution is to tie these things together and see them not as separate activities but as the same activity in different contexts.

Idea #1 - The home life supports the work life. The work like supports the home life.

They are interrelated to each other. However, the home life must be solid for the work life to be solid. The home life is not dependent on the work life to be solid. The key is to see the work life as an extension of the home life and to stop separating them.

Idea #2 - An overflowing cup at home leads to an overflowing abundance at work.

See this as pragmatic. See this as important and real and worthy of your creative energy.

Presence is the tapping into this creative energy. Presence is the idea that you are FOCUSED on RIGHT NOW. Nothing else is there. You are in the zone. Nothing is distracting you because, in this moment, this is the most important thing. You are not split thinking and attributing emotional energy into things that have nothing to do with now. When you are present in the presence of others, relationships blossom, fun happens, things are lighter, and everyone's cup is filled, not depleted.

Thinking about the cup being filled as YOU are the one filling up your family's cup is silly. Cups become filled / overflowing because of presence energy, not because of your effort.

Idea #3 - Priorities in your life need to be with you all the time.

What is a priority for you at home is also a top priority for you while working on your craft. If your go to work and "become a different person," you will have different priorities. Blend these worlds and carry your priorities with you.

Idea #4 - Set boundaries and be gentle with yourself as you would a child.

I had a client that literally COULD NOT STOP checking email at home, even during movie nights and intimacy with his wife. it was really affecting his life because he was not relaxing and not filling his cup.

How would you teach a child? Being present is the outcome of the mental / emotional state of being that you are. It is not something that just happens. You will likely need to re-train yourself, and the best way to do that for many people is to treat themselves with the love and care that they would treat a small child.

Once this person was more gentle with themselves and began to apply the rigid principles that they actually did desire in their life, things became MUCH more easeful, and there was a deeper connected with his wife.

Free Tool - Mantras for Presence

Re-prioritize presence. Intellectually understand it, yes. See it in the successful / happy people around you - watch how much they care about their families and friends and find time for them, no matter what. See yourself where you are right now and love yourself for your journey that you've been on. Use of mantras as a tool to re-program your subconscious-driven behavior.

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The Keys to Amazing Work Culture

Changing your perspective around the "workplace" and the "workers" will fundamentally change how you treat yourself and those that you work with and work for you.  This perspective change is the most foundational change that you can make with regard to positively affecting your workplace culture.

Most attempts to build or fix a workplace culture are externally motivated.  They are perspectives that say, “If I change what it looks like then it will change what it is / what it feels like.”  This is a futile exercise, as the most foundational aspect in creating an amazing culture in your place of work is actually the simplist - upgrade your perspective.

Idea #1 - Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Treating others how you ideally want to be treated involves you actually understanding how you ideally want to be treated, not how you feasibly think that you could be treated nor how you have been treated in the past.

Idea #2 - Change can be accomplished through the efforts of one person.

Not only can it be done, change ALWAYS starts with one person making a decision to make a shift in their life, in their priorities, and to more fully go into creating what they desire.  No significant changer in an organization has happened absent this individual choice.

Idea #3 - Demonstration is the only form of change.

We all have ideas about how we’d like our work to be and how we would like our life to flow.We have deep desires, and so do the people that we work with. It is only when an individual actually begins to more fully step into that reality that the mental run around that we play in our heads becomes tangible.

Idea #4 - If you do not love the people that you work with, then they will not love the business.

Period. No exceptions.

Gary is a client that was experiencing drama at home and drama at work. He expressed that he wanted to have more ease in what he was doing in his home life and in his work life. He was separating the two things and not seeing how connected that they were. He was objectifying people, including his business partners, employees and wife. We started at home with his relationship with his wife, aiming for a perspective change.

The key question that I asked him was - Can you unconditionally love your wife? His answer was no. I was so happy that he was honest, because that was then the ONLY THING that we needed to was the first door to walk through, with all other doors being irrelevant before that perspective was addressed.

Free Tool - Love Planning Worksheet

The concept to apply is planning out the love that you are giving to each person in your organization, or THROUGH the department heads to REACH each person. Plan this out like you would plan out your manufacturing schedule, your cash flow statements, or your content strategy.

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When you perceive yourself to be the body, according to quantum mechanics, you are observing your self, and because of this, you are forcing that probability wave to make a decision upon its location of space and time.  

As you “observe” that which appears to be external to you - as you have defined yourself - you are applying a measurement that then then also forces the wave function into a particle expression.

Why can things in the quantum world seem to hover in a place of uncertainty, while we - completely made of atoms and particles - seem to always be in a single, definitive state of being, a certainty?  Why do these “spooky” conclusions in the world of the small seem to not be applicable in the world of the large?



Finding the balance of the body and the breath is a foundation for moving to the next step: interacting with your beliefs.  It is with the grounded-ness of body and breath that one can do the “real work” of asking the question, “What beliefs must I choose to believe in order to feel the feelings that I feel and to experience the experiences that I am experiencing?”

In the asking this question in a grounded state, we reclaim our power.  It is the implication that 1) all feelings and experiences stem from beliefs and 2) that these beliefs are our choice.  This points us to the door of a new paradigm of experience, and truly a new paradigm of physics, one where the inner is the causal element of the outer.



We can imagine the idea of our bodies being separated into our physical experience, our emotional experience and our mental experience.  Of course, these experiences are all interconnected, but how? If we can perceive them as different, then what is the thing that we can perceive as the connectivity between them?

Breath.  More specifically, the process of breathing.

The air the we breathe contains only about 21% oxygen.  The intelligence within our body has the job of extracting from the air the elements that provide the body what it needs to function properly (primarily oxygen), delivering it throughout the body, and expelling the gasses that are not helpful to the bodily functions (primarily carbon dioxide).



The magnitude of your bodily intelligence is expansive.  If you were about to speak directly to this intelligence, what would you ask?  What could you learn about yourself?

Well, in the pursuit of the identification of the root causes of stress, there is no better place to start than your body.  This intelligence communicates through your physical body in the form of physical sensations, through your emotional body in the form of feelings, and through your mental body in the form of thoughts.  It does this very directly all day long, constantly giving you feedback on your previous choices and more information to consider on your upcoming decisions.



Our life is basically experienced through our physical body, our emotional body and our mental body.  Each one of these bodies has experiences that it prefers and experiences that it does not prefer. When one of our bodies experiences something that is not optimal, we feel a sense dis-ease, or stress.

Our physical body desires to experience and express flexibility and resilience.  

Our emotional body desires to experience and express ease and flow.  

Our mental body desires to experience and express clarity and vision.  



Finding your confidence is synonymous with finding yourself. They are basically one and the same activity, with one being sustainable and one being a bandage on a wound that isn’t really there.

When you embark consciously upon a journey to discover who you are, you reclaim your confidence along the way because, of course, who you are is BEYOND and THROUGH the idea of confidence.



On one level, disclosure is the idea that all major public, private, cultural, historical and societal institutions, traditions, norms and societal beliefs have all been orchestrated by a central governing authority that is represented by a minutely small percentage of the human population whose existence in such a position is not accepted by the majority of the populations. It is the idea that these individuals in some way control and / or significantly influence nearly all religious, economic, commercial, governmental, political, health and medical infrastructure for a very, very long time, and that these individuals have particular agendas that are not necessarily in alignment with the most authentic collective and individual expression of free will.