Your Next Level Awaits

Ben’s mission is to expand the consciousness of as many influential people as he can. He has done this through a variety of methods in his life. Private coaching to influential individuals represents this work in a magnified way. If you are a person whose decisions on a daily basis affect the thoughts and actions of many others, this is the private coaching experience that your passionate and curious self has been looking for.

Your Power: A Tool of Transformation and Transcendence

As a person with influence, you are a leader of people.  

You are someone that has the potential to create change to a degree that the vast majority of people will either not have the opportunity to do nor choose to accept that responsibility.

As a person that has already “made it” in terms of self-empowerment, where is there to go? What is the next journey for you to embark upon?  You are a master of making things work for you, so what else is there to learn?

Self-Awareness  >> Self-Empowerment  >> Self-Realization >>  Self-Actualization

All driven and ambitious people experience plateaus.  

The most conscious leaders in our world are no exception to this, and you are no exception to this, for it is the nature of the human expression at this time.  You ARE constantly expanding, but provide to yourself the opportunity to look about your creations - your life’s experience - to breathe it in. This opportunity to take it in is a plateau.  

The complacency that one may choose to experience as you sit upon your plateau is tempting.  It is more of the same. You’ve enjoyed what got you to this point and are even more fully loving the view of where you are now.  But, you feel when it is time to continue the journey with more intention. When your feeling of expansion is met with a lack of clarity, you are experiencing complacency.

Complacency, remember, does not necessarily mean rest.  It simply means doing what has been done before. You have not rested lethargically to get to where you are now.  You have dedicated yourself and been disciplined in your principles of how you have lived your life. Those principles - those philosophies, ideologies, habits, beliefs - may be calling for an upgrade in perspective.

You may be sitting on one such plateau.  Look back upon your life’s experience and see all that you have transcended, all that you have learned - intellectually, interpersonally, organizationally, strategically.  

Is this the top of the mountain?  You know the path of creating wealth and creating businesses as the primary endeavor.  You know that you can continue to do this and can continue to be successful.

Will you continue to play the game that you have been playing, driving your attention and intention into creating only what pleases the achievement-oriented you and your desires of physicality?  Or will you now turn your attention toward another journey, another path. A path that only leaders like yourself have the opportunity to take.

You may look around you and see others that have been able to ascend as you have through the hierarchical nature of your environment into a place of power, of influence.  Recognize this as an opportunity for you to blast off: see the plateau as the platform for launching your greatest creation - the fulfillment of the actualized-self and the allowance of your work, your investments and your creations to be an expression of your highest purpose.

Private Coaching: Your Invitation to Become The Living Legacy

I love coaching. It was about six years ago that I realized that it is really all I have ever done - applying the principles of servant leadership.

I spend much of my time accelerating the learnings associated with my own life themes: my relationship to the idea of family, the bleeding-edge expression of the evolution of the collective and individual human consciousness, and the embodiment of a modern alchemist.

It is within this paradigm that I offer my private coaching to a few individuals at any time.

While my podcast, writing, videos and the majority of my public speaking engagements are aimed at a broader audience, my private coaching is not programmatic and it is not scripted.

I have been doing this (coaching and training) in various forms for my entire adult life.  So, there are a variety of methodologies that I have developed and a plethora of tools, tips and teachings that I KNOW, once fully realized, are the most effective and efficient towards the aim of self-actualization - realizing your full potential.

When these self-actualization strategies are applied to a leader, though, the process is much different.  That is to say my coaching of a person of influence is less of a process and more of a natural unfolding that can be assisted with great attention, intention, and disciplined focus upon the goal.

Self-actualization for someone that has chosen the path of leadership requires the integration of compassion.  Another way of saying this is that a leader has, due to the nature of the role and the dynamics of human psychology, the additional opportunity to more fully express the oneness of creation and the connectedness of all people.

My private coaching is not about how to take your company from where it is now to a massive exit, nor improving your team’s culture to a sustainable and regenerating ecosystem, nor identifying the next most innovative product that will change the lives of your customers.  

It is not about building a foundation of emotional intelligence, nor how to experience a tantric relationship with your ideal partner, nor how to mend your past and current life traumas.

It is not about intellectually understanding quantum mechanics, nor about conceptualizing the nature of the fabric of reality, nor about leaving your physical body to experience astral and cosmic worlds.

All of these ideas relative to venture growth, personal and interpersonal development, and the path of enlightenment are sub-aspects of one thing:

Consciously and intentionally living your legacy

You came here to this planet at this time with a purpose. It was a conscious decision that you made intentionally in order to experience something very important to you. Any semblance of your confusion, your chronic unhappiness, or not living with abundance in your life are all symptoms of you being out of sync with your purpose…with the experience of living your legacy.

This coaching engagement is beyond typical executive coaching, leadership training or a venture creation bootcamp, yet, because of my experience in these areas, encompasses the most relevant material and learnings from all of it. The people that I work with ARE creating and scaling businesses, they ARE mastering the inner self, and they ARE realizing the inherent multi-dimensionality to their world.

More than anything, my private coaching is about integrating a new, working definition of unconditional compassion into the character that you have chosen to play - that which you call yourself and the story that you identify with.  A definition that moves so far beyond your current experience of “service to others” it is basically a completely different thing. This is a significant upgrade to your operating system.

Your success is not about choosing between being selfishness or selflessness, it is about the practical application of unconditional compassion towards everyone, including your self.

The call that you have answered - the guidance that you have followed - in simply reading these words is profound because the level of consciousness that you are able to hold within you is (nearly) beyond your ability to imagine it.  Your status as a leader, as an influencer, and as a person of relative wealth and abundance generally means that you have figured A LOT out. The next step for you is one that most will not take. It is seeing yourself as part of the collective, yet also seeing yourself as the creator of everything within your awareness, then ACTUALIZING that perspective into your work, in your relationships, and into the expression of who you now know yourself to be.

With the assistance of your higher, most ideal self, I will meet you EXACTLY where you are and guide you towards the expression of your highest purpose as a leader.  Your contributions on our world - through being the embodiment of your legacy - are more important right now than words can express.

You are truly a master.  My private coaching reveals that to you in an experiential and accelerated way.

Results To Expect

Increased energy - Significantly more positive impact - Optimal decision making - clarity of self-identification - Working less, enjoying more - Achieving greater success - No excuses - more love to share with family and friends

I could rely upon a variety of flowery language to describe personal results.  I could also quantify the results from my coaching in terms of business growth.  However, in order to make more tangible some of the aspects of self that are revealed in this coaching, here are snippets of testimonials from leaders just like you.  You will see that they span business, personal development, and leadership.

Ben shepherded myself and my co-founder through the process and helped launch our business. Because of this, I am now living more fully my passion.
— CEO and Serial Entrepreneur of Multiple Financial Technology Companies, New York
Ben helped me realize my dream of growing my company.
— COO of Pharmaceutical Company, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, St. Louis
I can safely say that without Ben’s guidance, my success would have been impossible to attain.
— Nationally Acclaimed and Award Winning Music Producer, Minnesota
Ben works with people in companies of all sizes: from multi-million dollar corporations to pre-revenue startups. He always found a way to communicate effectively regardless of the size or company situation, and every time I left a meeting with Ben, I had a new solution.... sometimes from problems that I hadn’t even realized were there but that Ben had already anticipated.
— Corporate Marketing Executive and Serial Founder, North America
Ben always had the highest version of myself in mind, and this inspired change within me.
— Co-Founder of multiple MedTech companies, San Francisco
Because of his ability to meet me where I was at, I can honestly say that without Ben I would not be here physically nor in my career.
— International Corporate Marketing Executive, South Korea
Ben helped us take a step back and evaluate what was working in our company and what wasn’t. Once we took a breath and let ourselves think, we were able to put practices into place that helped grow our company to over $500k in sales in less than a year. I highly recommend Ben as a mentor. He will give you the feedback you need to hear and the positive affirmations that help you see the best in your business and yourself.
— CEO of EdTech Company, St. Louis
Ben helped mold my perception of what it means to be a professional with spiritual priorities.
— Founder and Real Estate Investor, Chicago
Ben is a remarkable teacher. His coaching gave me a new perspective on life and the leadership skills that I use today.
— Technology Executive, Los Angeles
The standards he set kept me motivated and always striving to raise the bar even higher; At the same time, he had the personality and attitude to keep my mind straight and focused on the final goal, even in the toughest or most emotional of times. Ben definitely receives my recommendation as a mentor, as someone with a keen business sense and proven leadership skills.
— Performance Consultant and Best-Selling Author, Cleveland
Ben’s coaching was highly instrumental in my success.
— Top-Performing Supply-Chain Professional, Chicago
Ben is the reason I am succeeding in the world of business, and his vision is unmatched.
— CEO of Three Companies and Community Organizer, St. Louis
I have never had anyone in my life challenge me in the way that Ben challenged me.  It is clear that he has access to a level of consciousness that few will ever be able to achieve, yet he believes that everyone can, and he truly believes that his role here is to share that perspective with anyone that is interested in receiving it.  We had conversations that literally changed the course of my life.
— Serial Robotics Entrepreneur, Mexico.
Looking back on the growth I have encountered due to the mentorship with Ben, I can honestly say that he is one of the most influential people in my life.
— Technology Entrepreneur with Multiple Exits, Colombia
Ben guided me through to accomplish a goal that I never actually thought was possible. His leadership allowed me to become a more confident and better leader.
— Serial Entrepreneur and Vice-President, Minneapolis

What It Looks Like

A six-week, personalized coaching engagement

This private coaching engagement has been refined for many years. I have found that six weeks is the optimal time to remain completely focused on our goals AND produce unbelievable personal and business results. We will work together intensely for six weeks, then connect for accountability purposes for the next nine months.

We will work together to set a baseline of your goals and desires. I’ll be extremely clear to you as to the expectations that I have when working with people one-on-one. In recent cases, even through there is an interest to move in the direction that this engagement propels one toward, these expectations have been too burdensome for potential clients, and we have parted ways after the initial call.

I have rigid principles in my life and expect my clients to desire to integrate their own.

Just like any quality coach, I will:

  • meet you exactly where you are without judgement,

  • provide to you 100% of my skills, abilities and experience,

  • be overwhelmingly accessible to you,

  • provide you resources and connections that go beyond our engagement,

  • and hold you accountable even when you REALLY do not want me to.

I love teaching. In addition to this work and the podcast and the speaking, etc., I also teach entrepreneurship to graduate and undergraduate students at two top-tier universities. My role as a teacher and mentor is a foundational part of my life.

The Six-Week Engagement Includes:

  • Personal coaching and training

  • Twice-weekly video calls

  • Individual channeling and readings

  • Real, personal insight into your spiritual and business path

  • Tools to practically implement our work together

  • Immersion into a community of conscious creators

  • A detailed action plan for achieving your goals

  • Unlimited email and text communication

  • Gaining clarity on how to live your life more intentionally

Questions People Are Asking

  • I am wanting to accelerate the growth of my business.  I’ve executed really well and am now ready to take it to the next level.  I need to be able to take action on the bigger vision and strategy.  Can you help me with this?

  • I’m out of energy.  I grind all day, waking up very early, and I never seem to be able to relinquish the stress.  When I get home, I have very little energy or time to invest in my family.  Do you have some strategies that I can implement to increase my energy and de-stress?

  • I have a deep desire that the work that I do more fully contribute to the bettering of our world.  I’m not sure which direction to go. Can you guide me into this reality?

  • I watch a lot of videos online about ideas that seem REALLY far out there.  I am not fully ready to accept these as reality and I am certainly not ready to talk to many people about what I am contemplating.  Do you know what tools I could use to discern what’s true and what’s not?

  • I believe I am desiring a career transition.  I find myself successfully in a career that I do not prefer and would like to make a radical change.  Can you guide me on where to start?

  • I have tried meditating because I know that it will reduce my stress and bring more clarity.  However, I cannot commit myself to meditating frequently enough to make it work.  When I try to meditate, my mind goes everywhere.  Can you make this simple for me?

  • I have a lot of the things that I wanted to have in my life, but I am not happy and am not sure what to do.  Where is the fulfillment?

  • I need to clarify my vision for my personal and professional future and put a workable plan in place. Can you help me here?

  • I want more time with my family but cannot find where it will come from.  Can you show me how I create more time?

  • I really would like to have a better understanding and comprehension of spiritual ideas.  I’ve done a lot of reading and watching videos, but now it’s time to get my questions answered.  Could you answer some important questions?

  • I am really interested in connecting with my higher self.  I know that I exist in a multi-dimensional state, and would like to learn how to connect with this part of me.  Can you show me how to do that?

>>>>>>>>> YES <<<<<<<<<

Popular Topics

  • Improved Decision Making - Balancing the personal growth and leadership with making the most optimal professional and business decisions for your self and your family. The calm within the storm is accessible.

  • Disclosure - What is going happening on and off the planet, what it means for you, and an enlightened perspective that you are able to take.  There is only darkness if you choose to perceive it that way.

  • Solidifying Income Streams - Your life comes first.  Meaning your business, your career / job, your income, your money works to support your chosen style of life and your chosen priorities.

  • Who Am I? - This is not an unanswerable question.  We have been programmed to believe that we are only a small portion of our actual self.  This greater version of your self exist within you.

  • Personal and Planetary Ascension - It turns out that everything is spiritual, not for the flowery stuff.  Ascension is real, and it is happening right now.

  • Realizing Financial Abundance - Comprehending and applying the LAW OF ATTRACTION in a way that you have never experienced before.  No more waiting for things to work out for you, only creating exactly what you desire, right now.

  • Emotional Empowerment - Working with your emotional body such that you are able to confidently move through all feelings.

  • Enhanced Business Strategy - Learn how to create and accelerate a business that will support you financially so that you can spend your time and money how you prefer.

  • Personal Empowerment - No bullshit, no fluff.  You are the creator of your reality, and there is nothing that you can do to change that.  Learn how to own this perspective.

  • Non-Judgmental Decision-Making - Learn how to know when you are making the “right” decision and know when you are making a choice that is less optimal, without any needed judgement.

  • Metaphysical Conceptualization - The soul, the higher self, religious dogma, spiritual dogma, magic, synchronicities, miracles, self-empowerment…

  • Channeling - An ancient practice of stepping your lower self out of the way to allow an infinite intelligence to move through you and for you to receive an expanded consciousness’ perspective.

  • Media Clarifications - Decoding particular programs of the mind - there for your growth - relative to your search for what is true for you.

Some Trainings

  • Meditation

  • Emotional Processing

  • 5th Dimensional Goal Setting

  • Manifesting Techniques

  • Stakeholder Identification

  • Channeling

  • Seeing the Whole Picture

  • Gaining Mental Clarity

  • Moving into Your Heart

  • Visualization

  • Business Creation Tools

  • Induced Lucid Dreaming

  • Divine Feminine Embodiment

  • Meeting Your Higher Self

  • Communicating More Effectively

  • Mindfullness

  • Embodying Christ Consciousness

  • Mastering Fears

  • Aligning Incentives

  • Strategic / Personal Alignment

  • Digesting Disclosure


Living your life the way that you have been living it has been awesome for you.  You’ve achieved a lot and had some important learning experiences.  Now, you are ready to step into your next phase and made radical changes in your life and who you perceive yourself to be.

You are ready to step into the mastery that you know that you are capable of.  You are ready to feel the way that you want to feel.  You are ready evolve into the next, more exciting version of you.

You are being called to expand your consciousness and realize more of who you actually are.  In doing so, the nature of the universe will support your highest excitement with exactly what you request.  The money.  The house.  The peace.  The car.  The vacation.  The passion.  THE IMPACT IN THE WORLD. The life.  It’s all there, waiting for your to claim it.

There is a more fulling and easeful way to live your life, and through the comprehension and practical application of metaphysical concepts, through embedding best practices in leadership and personal development, and through finding the balance of logic and intuition, you will achieve a level of mastery that until this point you have only dreamed about.

This is the aim of every person that I work with:

To Facilitate Mastery

If you are ready to take a gigantic step towards your mastery, this is the experience for you.  I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives in the fulfillment of their goals.


Working with people one-on-one in this way IS THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT I HAVE EVER DONE.

I have been blessed with an ability that allows me to be consciously aware as I facilitate an expanded perspective of the people that I work with.  This presence has been a gift to me and to all of my clients.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and ascending executives for over a decade.  This is my specialty - highly driven people who are excited to create their life more directly, more intentionally.  

I’ve won numerous awards, have been a leading change agent in the building of many companies, have provided leadership and perspective to Fortune 500 executives, and accelerated the self-realization and self-actualization of hundreds of individuals.

Here are some additional testimonials of individuals that I have worked with.  I look forward to adding yours to the list.  :)  

Click the button, apply and let’s see if there is a fit.

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Ben Burke serves roles as an executive coach, a founder coach, and a practitioner of self-actualization. As a former client said, “Ben’s mentorship is a seamless blend of spiritual mastery, business savviness, and law of attraction.

He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from a top business school, created the program for a game-changing and internationally recognized business accelerator, and has been an influential mentor to thousands of leaders.