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Dynamic is the achiever’s dream - an exploration into why we experience that resistance that we experience and how to transcend it.  Dynamic represents an abundance of relevant and actionable perspectives and tools for you to use in your life, right now.

The Dynamic Podcast is Ben’s most expressive form of communicating his insights and experience to all whom are on the path of servant leadership.

Each standard episode gives the listener four actionable insights relative to the topic of the day, as well as one FREE download to practically apply a concept from the show.


Leadership and Leadership Development <> Work, Workplace and Career Inspiration <> Relationship Development <> Personal Development <> Manifesting & Energy Work <> Practical Application of Metaphysical Science

Mastery Q&A

Once per week, an episode is dedicated to diving deeply on a question that has been posed by one or more listeners.


The primary audience of this podcast are entrepreneurs and executives, aged 30 - 50.


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I can safely say that without Ben’s guidance, my success would have been impossible to attain. His training was perfect for when situations were bad and good alike.
— Mike. Producer. Minneapolis.