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Ben can seriously manifest realities.  It’s a discipline that he just intuitively gets, and teaches it with the same ease.
— Matt. Entrepreneur. Los Angeles.
When I started meeting with Ben, I was not confident about my life and did not believe in myself to fulfill the vision that I had. Nearly instantaneously, I saw Ben embodying things and being vulnerable about it in a way that inspired me to begin to change my life. I now have complete financial autonomy and am the healthiest person I know. Ben triggered something inside of me that I did not know was there and believed in me even when I did not. I cannot even write this silly testimonial without getting emotional. I am so, so grateful.
— Nina. “Normal Human.” Cincinatti.
Ben’s mentorship is a seamless blend of spiritual mastery, business savviness, and law of attraction...some of my calls with him were just un-fucking-believable. I’ve never met anyone like him.
— Rachel. Entrepreneur. London.
After you start working with Ben, you realize that you are in the presence of someone very special. I have no idea how he fits so much into his brain. If you want to achieve results, hire Ben.
— Ravi. Developer and Entrepreneur. Portland.
Looking back on the growth I have encountered due to the direct leadership, mentorship, and relationship I have had with Ben, I can honestly say that he is one of the most influential people of my life.
— Sarah. Growth Hacker. Columbia.