How to increase your productivity by 33% in only three weeks.

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Ben Burke is an award-winning strategy consultant and life coach.

Ben has worked with over one thousand individuals: entrepreneurs, business professionals, students, as well as teams: startups, nonprofits, community organizations - in co-creating strategic outcomes, manifesting, achievement, personal development, and spiritual realization.

He specializes in assisting high-achieving individuals increase productivity, attract more resources, and explode into self-realization.

This webinar is a outcome-oriented training based upon Ben’s work with hundreds of clients - best practices and his unique insights.

This webinar will bring you value if this sounds like you:

  • I have taken on new projects and new roles and am working more than I ever have in my life.

  • I am seeing some of the results that I hoped for, but I am working a lot and I do not see this as sustainable.

  • I like some of the results that I am getting but, if I am honest with myself, would like to be earning more money right now and have more time to spend with my family, friends, and doing other things that I love to do.

  • My health is not the top priority in my life right now because I see it as something that takes time away from my work, which I really do enjoy doing.  I take good care of myself but I know that I could do better.

  • I love being obsessed with something and see it through to a successful end in a way that I KNOW I nailed, but sometimes I neglect other important things in my life in order to do that.

  • If I am really honest with myself, I would prefer to do more travel, not be in any debt (including mortgages, leases or school), and be able to provide more for my family.  It would be really nice to pay for everything in cash.

  • I know that I am a generous person and would like to express that part of me more.  

  • I know that if I was more efficient in executing what I am already doing, I could take a breath and do a few more things that I really enjoy.

  • I love my job - as an entrepreneur or an executive - and I see myself already as successful.  I look around me and know that I am as competent as - if not more than - anyone else that I see.  No judgement, I just know that I am an exceptional person. People have told me that my whole life and I am now in a position, professionally where I see that to be true.  However, what I have done to get here WILL NOT BE SUSTAINABLE moving forward, and I need to find a way to continue to grow and learn and at the same time REALLY enjoy the fruits.

  • I do not want to wait until I “retire” to enjoy everyday.  

  • I sometimes stress out with the ups and downs of my work.  I care so much that I can become attached and ride the roller coaster, which really - again, if I am honest - takes a toll on me.

  • This general stress, over-reaching of my time and over-spending of my energy is not healthy.  I know this, but this is what got me to where I am at. I am really looking for a way to keep my growth trajectory - and even accelerate it - without sacrificing ANYTHING that I care about, such as my health, my family time, my recreational fun, my pleasures, my intimacy, my home life, my hobbies, etc.

  • I know that I am not the same person that I was earlier in my career/life, yet I may have some of the same practices in terms of how I manage my time and how I manage my peer groups.  I know that I have evolved within me (my beliefs have changed) but my actions in some way have not yet reflected this.

  • I know that there is a better way to do what I am doing.  I see some of the inefficiencies in my processes, and I know that there are ways that I could improve my efficiency.  I know that if I produced even the same outcomes in less time, that I would be able to invest that time into things that would make me more balanced, and would then assist me in producing more, better results.

  • I feel excitement for continuing to build my life and my business in a positive direction, but I feel a little stuck in the the minutiae of how it is all happening.  I really want to step back and work ON the business, not IN it.  Working in the weeds of everything is not what excites me and I want to make sure that I get out of a cycle that I don’t really want to be in, despite some of the positive results that I am seeing.

  • I believe in my self.  I know that I can change the things that I need to change to have the life that I know I can have.  I know that this is not a matter of me “deserving” it, even though I might occasionally feel that way.

  • I see being more efficient as a solution to MANY of the things in my life.  I want better results and I want it in less time. I believe that this is possible and I am open to receiving the game plan for ease-fully doing this.

Selected Testimonials

When I met Ben, my startup did $700 in sales that month. I felt defeated and didn’t know what to do. Ben provided me with a new mindset and a “tool kit” of skills to move past the bad sales month and continue to grow and learn. Now, we are doing over $60,000 a month in sales. Ben has a unique perspective- he brings ideas related to growth mindset and mindfulness into business practices. Ben is a true mentor for my company!
— Jessica. Co-Founder. St. Louis.
I can safely say that without Ben’s guidance, my success would have been impossible to attain. His training was perfect for when situations were bad and good alike. When jobs and client relationships were going well, he was sure to provide ample encouragement. If otherwise, a great deal of personal experience from his past served as an example to get me back on the right track. This leadership was exhibited before and after my time working with him.
— Mike. Producer. Minneapolis.
So, so savvy. Well beyond his years. When I worked with Ben, he was not even 30, and had more business skill than nearly every 50 year old mogul that I knew, and more energy than my 18 year old son. He single handedly launched a product for me. His work is highly recommended.
— Scott. Digital Strategist. New York.
Ben was a great mentor and helped shape and develop the skills I needed to be successful. He was a remarkable teacher that gave me sales and leadership skills that I use in my career today.
— Michael.  Partner.  Los Angeles.
Ben never failed when it came to his duties as a mentor. He is very reliable and is always available if I need any help. Ben’s skillset will never be limited because of his motivation and dedication to make everyone better.  Ben was an excellent mentor, and I hope everyone gets the chance to see him in action. I am pleased to write that Ben Burke has changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that.  
— Mitch. Entrepreneur. Kansas City.
In a field of people who are full of shit, Ben stands out as someone who is credible and actually can play in both the spiritual and business worlds with equal passion and understanding.  It is fun to work with Ben if you are all-in on what you are doing…or even if you need a kick in the ass to make the leap of faith.  If the latter is you, just as an FYI, Ben will remove the “faith” and replace it with “knowing.”  
— Evan.  Entrepreneur.  Boston.
Ben’s mentorship is a seamless blend of spiritual mastery, business savviness, and law of attraction...some of my calls with him were just un-fucking-believable.  I’ve never met anyone like him.  
— Rachel.  Entrepreneur.  London.
Ben guided me through to accomplish a goal that I never actually thought was possible. His leadership allowed me to become a more confident and better leader, manager, salesman, and person in general.  
— Jim.  Vice President.  St. Louis.