Ben Burke

Ben is an award-winning coach and mentor specializing in assisting high-achieving individuals drastically increase productivity.

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Let’s get more with less and permanently change your perspective on productivity. In this free training, you will discover:

  • How you can 5x your revenue in less than six months if you are an early-stage founder generating less than $100,000 annually right now.

  • How personal financial planners and Realtors can generate 50%+ more leads and book 75%+ more clients using little known technology and automated marketing strategies.

  • How founders can quicken product development cycles by 60%+ by applying a few simple practices.

  • How you can 10X your income in less than one year if you are a coach earning less than $2,000 / month right now.

  • How to productize your coaching business and move from a few clients / month to $30k - $50k / month in less than 24 months.

  • How passive income streams can give you a ~$10k / month boost.

  • AND… how you can do all this with 100% integrity while making that big IMPACT you’ve been dreaming of….

I can safely say that without Ben’s guidance, my success would have been impossible to attain.
— Mike. Producer. Minneapolis.
Ben guided me through to accomplish a goal that I never actually thought was possible.
— Jim.  Vice President.  St. Louis.