Extensive Daily Checklist for Increased Energy

The following checklist incorporates western and eastern practices such as mindfulness, feng shui, ayurveda, and basic manifestation techniques. By following this checklist, you will experience significantly more energy in your day, increase your mental clarity, and immediately feel emotionally lighter.

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Suite of Business Strategy Tools

This is a compilation of business strategy tools that have been created or aggregated from top US business accelerators. These are for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for some simple tools to take their business to the next level.

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Love Planning Worksheet

This free download is a tool to assist in planning out the love that you are giving to each person in your organization, or THROUGH the department heads to REACH each person. Plan this out like you would plan out your manufacturing schedule, your cash flow statements, or your content strategy.

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Mantras For Presence

We all want to be present - in every moment, but especially with our family and friends. This download is short list of effective mantras, along with corresponding comprehension, for experiencing presence in your daily life.

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Sample Morning Routine

Changing the perspective that sleep is the only way you receive energy. You are constantly receiving energy if you allow yourself. This sample routine may spark some changes in how you view your mornings.

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See it. Feel it. Be it. Manifestation Worksheet.

The embodiment of the things, the experiences, and the feelings that you are manifesting happens in the present moment, not in the future nor the past. This download is a simple worksheet to assist you to stop seeing creating as something "extra" that you do, and start seeing that all that you do and all that is within your awareness is part of the creation / manifestation process. This is a very effective tool.

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Compassion Tracker

With this simple daily exercise, you can make an incredible impact in your business - and your life. Make it a point each and every day to 1) see someone without judgement for where they are and 2) follow through with one actionable thing towards the personal / professional goals of the individual. This download is a daily tracker of this activity to hold yourself accountable and a reference document for ease in remembrance of themes.

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The Nine-Step Process For Overcoming Fears - Worksheet

In one sense, we are all on the same journey - through the illusion of fear / confusion towards the actualization of unconditional acceptance / unity. This free download represents an effective and efficient process for overcoming a singular fear / apprehension. For individual use and use with your team.

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Priorities - Simple Spreadsheet

You realize the benefit of pushing your own boundaries - steeping outside of your comfort (complacent) zone. This download is a very simple spreadsheet to focus your attention and intention on what is most important to you. Checking in as much as possible - monthly, weekly, daily - to your core important goals and desires through your priorities aligns what you are doing to what you want more effectively.

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99 Date Night Ideas

Removing ALL of the distractions and getting so close, so intimate, so vulnerable and SO present with your significant other is what you want AND what he/she wants. When you stare into the eyes of someone that you love and see the love that they have for you, you open a portal to unlimited co-creative energy. This free download is a list of 99 date night / day ideas for more authentically connecting with your partner. They are listed alphabetically and are sortable by what can be done in-home and out-of-home. :)

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Idea Matrix for Referral Compensation

Do you want to reduce time / money spent on recruiting the right people? In this download, you will find 29 ways in which you can incentivize your team to bring you new (better) recruits for open or future positions. A thoughtful combination of these elements is most ideal. And remember, reward effort and you will get more effort. Reward only results and there may be gaps in excitement and fulfillment.

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10 Empowering Reminders For Increased Happiness

In this free download, ten very common situations are given ten very simple, yet empowering, mantras and actions. When we find ourselves experiencing something other than happiness, we have the opportunity to remember that we have a choice - in everything. Our surrender to the higher parts of ourselves does not eliminate our ability to choose, in fact, this surrender elevates our ability to choose.

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The Ultimate Spiritual Bodily Checklist for Better Health

There are a multitude of ways in how the experience of life can be categorized in terms of “bodies.” Here, I am using the simple four-body system in this very helpful checklist for actionable things to focus upon to raise your vibration and master your desires.

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The Four Step Process for Shifting into a Parallel Reality

You CAN make a seemingly huge shift in your life and the perceived trajectory of your path. The idea is not to bend the path (that is impossible), but rather to simply realize that your path is the one that your perceive yourself to be on, thus giving you the experience of a shift. This free download contains questions that one could contemplate in their inner journey towards removing the conceptualization of a “future, ideal self” into the present moment where the reality can be made “real.” This is a self-reflection for those that are really interested in making seemingly big changes in their life almost instantaneously.

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Four Tips for First Time Managers - Self-Analysis Tool

Whether you are launching your own business or are finding your managerial responsibilities changing, there are some basic elements that are helpful to remember and apply as much as possible. This free download is a self-analysis tool for honestly contemplating your authenticity in your role.

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What The Heart Perceives - T-Sheet

The idea of the heart is simply the idea of more of you getting into your body and into your experience. The feeling that we have as we experience the idea of moving from the head to the heart is the feeling of a shift in perspective, and a shift in identity. This free download contains 13 perspectives that the heart (our center) may choose to have that represent quite a shift from the previously-experienced paradigm.

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10 Ways To Strengthen Any Relationship

Not all relationships start out at the same place nor are going in the same direction. However, if there is a desire to strengthen, or deepen, or increase the connection in a relationship, there are some perspectives that are likely to be helpful with that intention. This free download contains ten ideas / perspectives to consider integrating / practicing as you step into the reality of stronger, heart-based relationships.

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Develop Your Character - Worksheet

We have the ability to choose the character that we’d like to play in our life, without any perception of interference from the projection of beliefs of others. Fully getting into our bodies means more fully playing our part to do what we came here to do - be the fullest expression of who we are at all times. This free download contains 33 questions for use in self-reflection and in the development (or re-development) of the ideal character that you desire to play in this playground.

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Why You Want More Nature

When we want to accelerate the idea of “taking time for ourselves,” we are very much looking at the idea of getting more in touch with our nature. Our nature - our self - is represented in the physical as that which we generally perceive to be in the plant and animal kingdoms. This free download represents a logical progression to re-program and re-prioritize getting into nature. We know it’s easy, but we need to remember what we know…

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How Much Do I Love My Job? - Self-Analysis Tool

Communicating in your highest state of awareness and confidence is important to giving your best self to your team and your followers. When we begin to feel that our day-to-day is more work than service and more obligation than choice, there is an opportunity for us to reevaluate some basic things about our “job.” This is a simple tool to ask yourself simple but sometimes tough questions about what the hell you are doing.

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Fill The Reservoir - Daily Horus Checklist

Foreplay is not about the destination, it is about the journey. The identification to the journey - the love for it - naturally creates an abundance of energy that pours into the relationship’s life. By conceptualizing and FEELING the horus as a co-created support system for the relationship, there is an easy and experiential way to continually see the personal benefit in loving each other, even when habits have created obstacles.

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Moving To The Center - Weekly Log

Making the quantum leap is the idea of moving your identity solely from the space of form and outcome into the dimension of possibilities. This tool is a weekly log to get us more centered and more focused within our desires.

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99 Tips For Increased Productivity

This is a simple list of 99 ideas that you might not have considered when attempting to increase your productivity.

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Develop Your Character - Worksheet

Expressing ourselves as fully as possible is a fundamental reason that we came here to this planet. Our ability to express ourselves comes THROUGH our personality that we have chosen. More fully embracing our personality - not hiding it or changing it - releases much trapped energy within us and allows us to feel more authentic emotions like joy and acceptance. This is a tool for more accurately defining the character that you desire to play.

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How To Be An Active Listener - Checklist

Active listening is perhaps the most important skill you can have if you would like to develop a stronger relationship with others and with yourself. This is a simple checklist for before, during and after a conversation connecting with someone with which you desire to connect more deeply.

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Drama-Free Workplace Communication Tracker

Developing better communication habits at work is as easy as planning and keeping track of your communications. If we put our intention and attention in this area, drama will automatically be eliminated because we are not focusing on it, and instead focusing on the positive elements in the relationships. The tool today is a worksheet to ease-fully keep track of your communication habits. Filling this out even once per month, if not weekly, will eliminate significant drama!

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Quantum Consumption (Webinar / Video)

Understand your diet in terms of: Choice, Life Force Energy, Frequency, Ph, Digestibility, Origin, Essential Functionality, Regenerative Properties, Contribution to Organ Health, DNA Health, Expectations.

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Observation vs. Judgement - Self-Reflection

Being accepting of other people is natural and effortless. When we talk about accepting, we are talking about removing the things that we've added on to our perspective - judgement. The primary compulsion to NOT accept another comes from judgement that is based in some form comparison. One of the biggest traps is telling your self that you are not judging someone, but rather that you are observing them. This free download is a self-reflection tool for being honest with yourself about this delineation.

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20 Simple Things To Do To Increase Quality Of Sleep

This is a simple list of 20 things you likely have not tried to increase the quality of your rest. Nothing much else to say about this one! Enjoy!

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Feeling Through Beliefs - Worksheet

If we want to develop our ability of empathy, we must first know what our feelings actually are and foundationally understand where they come from - our beliefs. This means looking deeply into - and accepting - all parts of our emotional body. We have empathic abilities, but they can get all clogged up in a confusion of what is my feeling versus what is another's feeling. This free download is a simple worksheet for going deeper into your feelings to identify the beliefs that give rise to them.

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How To Create Harmony? - Harmonic-Feeling Matrix

While the attempt to create balance in our lives only creates more effort, the revelation of harmony is a sustainable, easeful perspective to have. Just as the harmonic mean resonates much longer than its linear counterpart, the creation of harmony allows us to float more gracefully through our lives with less struggle. This is a tool to find our harmony in the basic feelings that we desire to feel so as to sustainable feel them all of the time.

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Scheduling Flexibility - Nightly Accountability Log

Each night presents an opportunity for reflection upon how much we are really creating our day’s activities with intention. Many of us desire a more flexible schedule. Just like anything else, we must put ATTENTION and INTENTION into that creation for it to manifest for us. This free download represents a way for us to audit our day’s activities with the aim of creating a more flexible - and freeing - day-to-day schedule.

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Forgiving People Who Hurt You? - Self-Reflection

The only form of true forgiveness is forgiveness of self. But how do we get there? We would NEVER hurt someone as thought it appears that we have been hurt. Life is a reflection - This must be integrated in some form order to move past holding onto experienced from the victim’s perspective. This download is a self-reflection to transition the perspective of a situation being done TO us to one that was experienced THROUGH us.

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Reduce Anxiety Now? - Daily Log

The best techniques to reduce stress are of course to align the beliefs being held with those of someone that does not resonate with the vibration of anxiety. When moving through habitual anxiety, there are three things that can be done on a daily basis to re-program the mind and body into that perspective. This download is a simple log to hold yourself accountable for doing just that!

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How To Make Better Decisions? - Self-Assessment

Making “better” decision is only relative to the goal - the vision and mission of our life. A good decision for one person is an awful decision for another. What we want to do is see our decision as simply in alignment with not only our perceived purpose, vision, and mission, but more importantly with our identity. This tool is a simple assessment to take anytime you are looking at making a decision that you are struggling with.

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